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29.10.13 Seacontractors Holds Naming Ceremony for Workboat ‘Sea Hotel’

On the 23rd of October, 2013 the ‘Sea Hotel’ was named by sponsor lady Mrs. Marieke Regoor. This Name giving Ceremony took place at the Dubai Festival City Marina in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Seacontractors and Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld look back on a festive event of this new Shoalbuster type 2709.  

The workboat has a bollard pull of 40 tons and a maximum speed of 12 knots. The Sea Hotel is equipped with 2 Caterpillar 3512B engines type TA/A with a total bkW of 2238 and has a hydraulic deck crane type Heila HLRM SL140-4, 5.3 tons (m) m at 18:03. 

The ‘Sea Hotel` has been custom built and is deployed for McDermott in Saudi Arabia.  bron: Seacontractors

23.10.13 Fairmount Summit delivered rig Ocean Valiant in Las Palmas
  Fairmount Marine’s tug Fairmount Summit has delivered rig Ocean Valiantsafely in the port of Las Palmas, Canary Islands. Fairmount Summit hastowed the rig from offshore Cameroon over a distance of almost 3,000miles.
The Ocean Valiant is a semi-submersible drilling rig owned by DiamondOffshore Drilling Inc., headquartered in Houston, USA.
The 1988 build rigis 122 meters long, 71 meters wide and 37 meters high, is capable to drillup to 10,000 meters deep and can accommodate 140 persons.

foto & bron Fairmount

After connecting to the tow bridle and before departure Fairmount Summitperformed heading control to the rig while the rig was retrieving herremaining four anchors. Fairmount Summit delivered the rig safely atAstican Shipyard and assisted in the berthing maneuvering of the rig.
21.10.13 Tugboat RB-399 built by Pella shipyard arrives at Murmansk  

The ferry trip of the tugboat “RB-399” built by Pella shipyard (building No 937, project 90600) by inland waterways to the port Murmansk is completed, where the tugboat will be put into operation within Northern Fleet of RF, the shipyard’s press center says. 

The tugboat is intended for towing and berthing operations in harbor, roadsteads and coastal areas which comply with R3 navigation area, refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting operations at floating and shore objects, oil and petroleum content products, cargo transportation, ice breaking and erosion operations. 

The vessel’s parameters: length max – 25.4 m, width max – 8.8 m, draught – 4.2 m, speed – 11.8 knots, classification - КМ   Arc4 R3 Aut3 Tug by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Leningrad Shipyard Pella was founded in 1950 and privatized in 1992. The holding incorporates a head company and a number of subsidiaries. The shipyard specializes in construction of tug boats for Russian customers.  Bron: Port News - nieuwsbrief L. Kramer
  Acta Marine Expands Its Workboat Fleet
  Leading workboat operator Acta Marine is further expanding their fleet with a new MPW with DP-1 and more than 35 Tons bollard pull. The vessel, which will be named “Coastal Chariot”, is a sister vessel of Acta Marine’s existing DP-1 MPW “Coastal Challenger”. 
Coastal Chariot will be the fourth unit within Acta Marine’s fleet of 40 workboats that is equipped with DP. The company was the first owner/operator to apply this technology upon such smaller type workboats. Also unique for a vessel of this power, is the operating draft of only 1.8 meters, making the vessel particularly suitable for operating in ultra-shallow waters and very close to coastlines.
Furthermore, Acta Marine’s DP MPW have a track record of being the most fuel efficient DP MPW in the market. The vessel is currently under construction in the Netherlands by Maritiem Cluster Friesland. Upon delivery early 2014 the new build vessel will be available for charter.
 Bron: Acta Marine - nieuwsbrief L.Kramer
  Smit Lamnalco sells AHTs 
  Smit Lamnalco has sold the AHTs Lamnalco Fulmar (4,000 bhp, 55 tonnes BP) and Lamnalco Fisa (4,000 bhp, 50 tonnes BP) to Joetek Engineering and Construction Company and Smu-Tuns Nigeria, respectively. The sales were reported in Chart Shipping's latest monthly newsletter. Bron: OSO nieuwsbrief L. Kramer
  Edda Ferd Starts Sea Trials 
  Today, coinciding with the high tide, platform supply vessel Edda Ferd (hull C-444) departed from Gondan shipyard´s facilities, bound for Gijon port to carry out the sea trials. The vessel is the eighth built by the shipyard for the Norwegian company Ostensjo Rederi and its delivery is scheduled for November 2013.

When delivered, the vessel will be the world’s most environmentally friendly PSV, featuring a new propulsion concept including diesel generator sets with variable rpm developed together with Siemens’ BlueDrive Plus C concept.

A hybrid solution with two battery packages further reduces fuel consumption and emissions.
 Edda Ferd has the length of 92,60 m, breadth of 20,6 m and can accommodate crew of 40 and has the deck area of 1.000 m2. 

The companies behind the Edda Ferd include Astilleros Gondan, Siemens Norway, Skipsteknisk AS, Carl J. Amundsen Consulting Marine Engineers and Naval Architects, and Ostensjo Rederi.
   Bron& Foto: Gondan shipyard - nieuwsbrief L.Kramer
  SMS Towage starts work in Belfast 

SMS Towage Limited has launched the new harbour towage service in Belfast Harbour in response to demand from port users. 

By the first of this month two modern and highly manoeuvrable tugs were in place and fully operational. The tugs are capable of handling a wide range of vessels and will be manned 24 hours a day in order to provide a 'just in time' service for the convenience of customers. 

The independent Northern Irish company is trading under the well established brand of SMS Towage, which operates on the River Humber and South Wales ports. SMS Towage managing director Patrick Lyon explained that the company had been set up with an investment of over £5m to meet a clear demand for its services and with the cooperation of other marine services providers and share holders. 

Patrick Lyon said: "We see Belfast as a strategic location. It is a vibrant port that will be home to a purpose built cruise terminal, a new offshore wind terminal and had a record year in 2012.  

We believe there is great potential for growth in the new business that will result in local employment."“SMS Towage has grown quickly over the last 10 years to become the country's largest independent harbour towage company. This was achieved through offering a highly flexible, competitive service and continual investment in our modern fleet. Being involved in a Belfast owned company is a real milestone. We envisage that we will make a great success of it by applying our experience of this specialist area of business to offer Belfast Harbour users a superior, economical service and advanced fleet of omnidirectional tugs."

The vessels deployed in Belfast are the highly manoeuvrable ASD tugs Irishman and Masterman. Irishman is a well established member of the SMS fleet and one of a trio of similar tugs. It is a vessel of 24.0m in length overall and 8.5m beam originally built in Japan for Hong Kong Salvage & Towage. A pair of Niigata main engines generate 3,000 bhp to drive Z-Peller fully azimuthing propulsion units giving the vessel a bollard pull of 40 tonnes and speed of 12 knots. 

Masterman is an agile and powerful ASD tug built by Sanmar in Turkey to their highly successful ‘Ulupinar’ design in 2009 for the German owner H Schramm & Sohn. The tug measures 24.39m in length overal, with a beam of 9.15m, and is powered by two Caterpillar 3512 diesels coupled to Rolls-Royce propulsion units for a bollard pull of 50 tonnes and speed of 13 knots.  

Originally the Max (Ulupinar VII), the tug is the second of its type in the SMS fleet and was purchased for use in Belfast.   

SMS Towage also operates a fleet of ten tugs in the Humber and a further fleet of three in the Bristol Channel for customers using the South Wales ports of Cardiff, Barry and Newport. First formed in 2002, the company provides harbour and offshore towage services and employs a total of 130 staff. 

Prior to the arrival of SMS shiphandling services in the port of Belfast were undertaken by a two tug fleet from Svitzer, with two local operators undertaking general towage work and providing assistance to smaller ships.  Bron: Maritime Journal / Foto: courtesy of  A. Geddes niieuwsbrief L. Kramer

  Chloe K is delivered to Bay-Houston

US towage operator the Bay-Houston Towing Co has proudly announced the delivery of the Chloe K, the first tug of the new Z-Tech 2400 class. 

Designed by Robert Allan Ltd of Vancouver BC, Chloe K was constructed by Leevac Shipyards LLC of Jennings, Louisiana. A second tug of the same type, named Zeus, is also under construction at the same yard for an associate company, Suderman& Young, with delivered scheduled for the last quarter of 2013. 

The Z Tech 2400 tugs are a smaller version of the three Z-Tech 7500 tugs that joined the Bay-Houston fleet between 2007 and 2009. While the new class tugs are smaller, they have enormous power for their size. In keeping with their larger cousins, the new design offers all the advantages of the Z -Tech design.The forward deck (over the skeg) has a low, flat sheer, creating a spacious, relatively flat and safe working deck, without any of the usual obstructions. 

For ‘sea-going’ operations, the Z-Tech tug works astern in tractor mode and the shape of this portion of the hull is more rounded in plan than is typically seen in an ASD design. Operating In this direction there is no appreciable loss of speed. The increased flare and freeboard at the ‘aft’ end is simply to ensure a drier operation on deck when towing in this direction. Only one winch, supplied by Markey, is required for both harbour and coastal towing operations. When towing long distances the Z-Tech simply tows in tractor mode going ‘astern’. 

The Z-Tech configuration, with its low sheer forward coupled with the aft positioning of the superstructure and wheelhouse, enables the tugs to work under the large overhanging flare common at the bow on many modern ships. 

Chloe K is a vessel of 24.38m in length (80 feet), with a beam of 11.58m (38 feet) and a working draft of 4.88m (16 feet). The tug is powered by two Caterpillar 3516C HD high performance main engines, generating a total of 5,150 bhp to drive a pair of Schottel SRP 1215 fully azimuthing propulsion units with 2.4m diameter propellers. With this propulsion system the vessel has a minimum bollard pull of 60 tonnes and is capable of assisting even the largest vessels calling on the Texas coast. 

While the Z-Tech 7500 series are primarily used at LNG terminals with large tankers and post-Panamax container ships, the Z-Tech 2400 vessels wil be capable of operating in the all of the ports serviced, including the confined quarters of the Houston Ship Channel.  Bay-Houston Towing Co. provides tug services in Houston, Galveston, Texas City, Freeport, and Corpus Christi, Texas. As a company, Bay-Houston Towing Co is dedicated to safety and is a member of the American Waterways Operators, and certified under the Responsible Carrier Program.     Bron: Maritime Journal / Foto: Mercator Media - nieuwsbrief L.Kramer

07.10.13 Fairmount Fuji assisted Saipem in Congolese waters

Fairmount Marine’s multipurpose vessel Fairmount Fuji has assisted Italian contractor Saipem with her operations offshore Congo. Fairmount Fuji has performed several cargo runs between Siapem’s Boscongo yard in Pointe Noire and the offshore Congo moored drilling ship Siapem 1000.

Fairmount Fuji also took care of the transport of Saipem crew. Drilling ship Saipem 1000, a 5th generation drilling ship for ultradeepwater operations, was moored offshore Congo pending her next assignment. Fairmount Marine was contracted to assist in the crew change and in the transfer of cargo. Fairmount Fuji transported around 150 personnel to and from the ship.

bron, foto FAIRMOUNT

Fairmount Fuji is equipped with a spacious 280 square meters deck. This makes her ideal for the transport of goods.

Fairmount Marine is a marine contractor for ocean towage and heavy lift transportation, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fairmount’s fleet of tugs consists of five modern super tugs of 205 tons bollard pull each, especially designed for long distance towing, a multipurpose support vessel and a large submersible transport barge. Fairmount Marine is part of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group.

01.09.13 Fairmount tugs deliver floating ‘gas plant’ Toscana

Tugs Fairmount Summit and Fairmount Alpine have delivered the very first floating ‘gas plant’ in the world, the FSRU Toscana, safely offshore Livorno, Italy.  The Toscana, an one of a kind unit, was towed from Dubai via Malta where final equipment was installed. After delivering the Toscana, both Fairmount tugs assisted in mooring the unit to her six pre installed anchors.

The Toscana is a so called floating, storage and re-gasification unit (FSRU) which is now moored 12 miles offshore Livorno and will be used as a terminal and export point for liquefied natural gas (lng). The unit is the converted 2004 build 288 meters long lng tanker Golar Frost. The conversion took place at Drydock World in Dubai for contractor Saipem and client OLT Offshore LNG Toscana SpA.

foto bron Fairmount

When fully operational the unit has a re-gasification capacity of 3.75 billion cubic meters a year (11 million cubic meters a day) and a storage capacity of 137,500 cubic meters of lng. For the towage of FSRU Toscana Fairmount Marine mobilized tugs Fairmount Summit and Fairmount Alpine towards Dubai. After hooking-up the convoy set sail for Malta. In Malta the Toscana had a stopover for final outfittings. Later both tugs towed Toscana to her final location offshoreLivorno and assisted in mooring the FSRU.

Saipem, Fairmount’s client, was very pleased with their performance. “The execution of the complex operations demonstrates sound engineering methodology, good preparations, strong teamwork and 110 percent commitment of all involved,’’ stated Saipem management. Mr. Albert de Heer, CEO of Fairmount, is happy with the achievement of the entire team. "We are delighted to have been so closely involved in this truly unique assignment,’’ Mr. De Heer says. Once again the Fairmount team demonstrated its supreme professionalism in successfully completing this complex, high value project. We hope its the first of many to come."

Fairmount Marine is a marine contractor for ocean towage and heavy lift transportation, headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Fairmount’s fleet of tugs consists of five modern super tugs of 205 tons bollard pull each, especially designed for long distance towing, a multipurpose support vessel and a large submersible transport barge. Fairmount Marine is part of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group.